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Day 2

Save a life, adopt a pet

After a particularly bad night's sleep (fevers give me the most horrific nightmares) my folks and brother took me out shopping (for new shoes and earrings which I didn't manage to get!) I've been left tired and slightly emotional.

I spent some time with the older of my rescue rabbits (they free range in a spare bedroom), and nothing can describe how I feel when they look at me with their little eyes full of adoration (or put their soft paws on my knee looking for a treat!) How people could have not wanted them in the first place breaks my heart- same applies for the rest of the rescues I have the fortune to share my life and home with.

Save a life next time you want a pet, adopt don't shop. They are so grateful for your love, and I swear they know how lucky they are.

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  • Lydia Lydia
    62 months ago

    So nice. You got a good heart for animals .... I have it for children x

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  • Matty's Monster Matty's Monster
    62 months ago

    Thanks, I hope to add children to the mix some day! x

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  • Rebecca Schilling Rebecca Schilling
    61 months ago

    I don't understand how anyone could be cruel to animals. It's deplorable. Glad that you've adopted instead of shopped.

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  • little ms sunshine little ms sunshine
    58 months ago

    I get the same from my many fur babies. I love my kids to bits but my animals make my heart melt plus they don't answer back lol. My children are convinced as they get older i am replacing them with dogs! Lol xx

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