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Day 95

Scent is a powerful trigger of memory.

in my first week at university, in a queue for opening a bank account, I met a woman who has had a huge influence over my life. She was my first long term girlfriend and lover for over a year, and someone I was profoundly in love with. Sadly, I was also at the time, selfish and jealous, so the relationship did not last into the second year.

We did, however, remain good friends; the sort that can have big gaps that don't matter when you meet up again.

A few days ago we met up after a break of several years. She'd known about my cancer, but had not seen me since my operation. We went for a walk in the countryside, had a picnic, and generally caught up. It was just what I needed as I have been getting a bit low the last few weeks.

She still uses the same scent as she did when I first met her over 20 years ago, and I was strongly reminded of lots of my university time and our relationship. Not in a wanting to get back together way, but just a glow of happy memories.

I'm very happy we are still friends.

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