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Day 8

Searching for my wings

As expected, my Politics tutorial on anarchism, nationalism and the state did not go well. As usual, insufficient preparation let me down. I went to a Politics lecture regarding democracy, a concept that's not quite as universal as one may think. That evening, I went to a Q&A being held by a students' union confederation. This was followed by my attempts to socialise with some of the friends, if you may call them that, I had acquired in Debating Society. As usual, my social awkwardness was preventing me from getting much of a word in edgeways. Mind you, John's [not his real name] flirting with Diane [not her real name] would probably account for why he didn't have so much time for me and that's perfectly fine. I actually feel rather happy for him for this...success, I suppose you could call it. Since I was a kid, I had a thing for watching romantic couples in real life. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I'm a voyeur. Perhaps I'm just trying to learn from experience. John and I have half-jokingly called each other 'wingman', although I do worry I'm not doing enough to help him. Should I worry at all though?

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