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Day 335


Went to Segovia today. Saw the vast Roman aqueduct which was impressive. Beloved tells us it is one of only two in Europe. Then went to the twirly whirly baroque, renaissance, pretty Cathedral and ended up at the fairy tale like castle at the end of the hill top. We didn’t go into the castle as we think we’ve done enough castles for the moment. It was nice wandering the tall picturesque streets. Didn’t stop for a meal. I had made sandwiches so no one wanted a restaurant meal. Poor Beloved hobbled about with his inflamed big toe. It is red now. He went very slowly. Like an old man.

I’ve been doing the driving all week so far because I didn’t want to be yelled at for giving the wrong directions. The sat nav is sometimes difficult to follow. But Beloved was so grumpy and never thanks me for the driving that I think he should do the driving from now on. I’m a bit uncertain of this because he has been a good navigator.

Came back and made a good fish supper for everyone. Then went into the garden to enjoy the sun setting.

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