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My attraction to females has never been much of a problem until now. I keep fantasizing about being with other women, even though I am quite happy with my partner. I haven't done anything, but just the thoughts make me feel guilt...

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  • runcicle runcicle
    13 months ago

    Welcome, George Payne.

    I'm sure that there are very few people in the whole world who would condemn you for fantasizing on this subject because 'everybody does it'.

    That is because everyone else is compromised; they do it themselves. But that does not make it of no concern particularly since we have it on good authority that it is of concern; that fantasizing is no different to adultery. That is where the guilt is coming from.

    The quickest way out of this is also the most fearful, but not necessarily the most painful: tell your partner.

    If that is too fearful then you can procrastinate by questioning what your fantasies provide. What is it that your partner does not, or cannot, give you? Remember that you cannot expect a gift. Something given as a result of an expectation is not a gift. Is it not forthcoming because she doesn't know? Are you ashamed to ask? (Rhetorical questions only!)

    Guilt vanishes once the fear is conquered.

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  • Only Human Only Human
    13 months ago

    Thank you for the welcome runcicle, and for the long well written comment. I found what you had to say to be most helpful, you really got me thinking. I think I will take your advice on telling my partner, I am hoping they will appreciate my honesty.

    Sorry for the late reply, I have only just logged in again and saw your comment. Again, thank you :)

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