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Day 112

Single Figures Already

So I am very uncomfortable. But the excitement of meeting baby is far outweighing the physical discomfort I am in. I am sure it will only get worse! Nine weeks to go. Until I have a baby in my life. A tiny human relying on me. Nine weeks until I meet this little person, who I already have so much love for. My whole life is changing and I am truly grateful that my man and I are able to communicate and tell each other our fears and worries. We will have a tough time, we are both nervous about how we will be when baby is here. But we talk and we are very aware of each others feelings so I hope that helps. I cannot stop eating fruit. Oh and cereal - seriously, two bowls a day. Not sure what that is all about! I am already a little sad that my pregnancy is coming to an end. I have loved being pregnant. But the next stage is going to be so much more than I can ever imagine. I feel capable though. I have a great support network, loving family members. I am so lucky.

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  • White Dog White Dog
    11 months ago

    Lovely to hear your update, your due date will soon come round. I hope your little one arrives on time. x

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  • Only Me Only Me
    11 months ago

    Me too WD! Knowing my luck, I will finish work on the 18th August and contractions will start the next day! x

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