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Day 593

Sliding doors

I carefully put Ma and all our bags by a lamp post, out of the way of all the people rushing along the platform. I went back to get the wheelchair. As I took it out from beneath the handrail I had lodged it under the doors closed. I couldn’t open them. I had to leave her standing there on her own, and my mobile was in the bag at her feet. I borrowed someone’s mobile and called Beloved to ask him to call Ma and to go and pick her up from the station. What a saviour. I got home minutes after they did. A kind woman had helped Ma and stayed with her until Beloved arrived.Thank goodness for kind people.

James took Apple out for supper. He wants to help us with our family problems. He took Owl out when he was struggling with his A levels, he’s going to take Peachy out next week. I am lucky in him.

No news from W. I'm pretty sure W will move out, ripping family relations with Teddy and his family and this side of the family as he goes. Big mistake to have mixed business with family. Wish this hadn't happened.

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