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Day 57


The New-Ex was a snooper. She wasn't a stalker, which is a much different thing, but most definitely a snooper. She kept tabs on me in a number of different ways, whether it was asking about my Facebook friends or asking who took a photo of me (which was actually a selfie) or whether I met anyone while I was doing something on my own.

It was pretty bad: if I posted something on Facebook and a woman responded, I knew I was going to get interrogated about who this woman might be. One of the women happened to be an ex-girlfriend who had moved in with her boyfriend. We hadn't seen each other in years, but we stayed "friends" after we broke up. I wished her a happy birthday once, and New-Ex subjected me to extensive questioning. I then had to create a very complicated lie that this was not Jane the ex-girlfriend but Jane the assistant who used to work with me and had gotten married and moved away.

Some of you readers may know I had a previous journal under another name; she even found that, and there was hell to pay.

But now I'm free and unbound. Words away!

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    12 months ago

    Well never get into a relationship like that again
    It’s called Controlling
    Lies get told and it spirals out of control

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