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Day 5

So that's that...

Last time I spent any amount of time here, I was on the hunt for a new girlfriend - I had split up with my previous gf a few months prior, had moved into my own flat, and I found this place to talk about my journey into love.... it was a process that many of you found amusing, as I recanted all the mishaps, from women who turned out to look nothing like their photos to those who weren't "really" over their exes, but said I was a "nice guy."

So I'm back, a little two years later; I had to break up with my gf today. As I recounted earlier, she has a son who has a mental illness, and she refuses to do anything about it. She thinks that "being a mother" is all the training she needs to help him out of his pain and suffering.
That's a laugh - all of you whom have dealt with mental illness know that, like any other illness, you need more than "love" to make things better. Believe me, if one of my kids had cancer, I wouldn't say I was going to heal it with love.


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  • White Dog White Dog
    10 months ago

    Ah, so that is who you are, reborn! Sorry the relationship didn't work out.

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