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Day 179

Solitude is an Old Friend

People are complaining about going stir-crazy during social-distancing. They're struggling to homeschool their children and worry their children will fall behind educationally.

I was homeschooled for over 7 years and am an only child. I adore socializing, but I also find peace in solitude. This experience may be good for both children and their parents: Children are learning how to self-motivate, develop their imaginations, and are self-reflecting. In my opinion, self-reflection is an important skill that is more difficult to develop without alone time. Parents have more time to get to know their children and learn who they really are, how they learn, what topics they really light-up about, and make beautiful memories. I'm sure it's difficult, and I know finances and emotions are strained, but it will all be okay, and this period will allow everyone to grow.

It's wicked, but I'm mildly glad this is happening. When I was homeschooled, peers and adults alike chastised my parents. They (and I) were told I'd be uneducated, unsociable and unable to survive. I'd be useless.

Yet I graduated college Magna cum laude, am happy and thriving.

Parents, you will be fine. Your children will be fine. I'm sure you're doing great! :)

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  • Otter Otter
    12 days ago

    To add: I also hope this situation will bring more appreciation to teachers. Schools are so often underfunded, especially with students sent to school with no supplies because "It's the school's job to make sure they have what they need." Hopefully this will make many parents recognize how important school and teachers are to their children's development. After all of this is over, I pray the profession will receive the respect and funding it deserves.

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    12 days ago

    I never thought that parents would start having so much appreciation for teachers: I've seen one post after another from parents saying "I had no idea teaching was so difficult...."

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