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Day 5


My mum has rented a house for a week next month, and has invited us to come with her. It's a small one by the ocean, surrounded by trees; it looks very cozy. We thankfully accepted. I really need some vacation. It's been.. about 2 years, since my boyfriend and I last went somewhere. Travelling is something we both value a lot in life, but lack of money has been the issue.

Although I'm very excited I can't help but worry a bit too. My mum has quite a few larger problems she's been dealing with most of her life, which causes her to get in trouble with most people around her. It's a long story, but the thing I fear, is her once again experiencing things differently from the people around her. Her hearing us say things or do things which we haven't, and then get so sad or angry with us.
I'll probably write to you about it another day.

For now I'll try to stay positive and just look forward to having a good time.

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