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Day 411

Someone cheated

But we didn’t know for a long time. He’s gone out on his own, just wandering the streets. On his birthday. He’s not here right now. He’s gone to buy the newspaper down the road. He’s taking a holiday in Italy by himself. Okay. That was it. He’s the most sociable man I know. He’s not a reflective loner. He’d never do any of those things alone.

He’s bringing her to the house. Drink plenty of wine. How shall I behave with her? Bat her away with a careless smile.

Can you believe it, she actually said I have to get my marriage in order. After having simpered how much she loves being here. As I gave her her supper and looked after her. But she’s gone now, and he’s still here.

He wondered if he would go with her. It was tempting. She wanted him so much. But his heart was breaking. He wasn’t a moral man, only very sentimental. He was too weak to be that cruel. Only cruel enough to have an affair and not hide it. He couldn’t bring himself to leave.

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  • George Smith George Smith
    13 months ago

    This is my mother's story. Not mine.

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  • Blaze Bright II Blaze Bright II
    13 months ago

    Ouch... that's a sorry read. Affairs can be enlightening and damning at the same time. Torturous to the soul.

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