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Day 451

Somerset savannah

A long walk with Charlie tonight. WH was away visiting his daughter and her new beau, or at least that was the plan and a whole other story.

For once we crossed the river and joined the footpath at the end of the lane. Normally it is always wet and even in the middle of summer it is fed by springs and generally remains damp. Now it is dry, so dry that there are bird dust baths in places.

We made our way down past the badger sett, it seems to have expanded a lot more in the last couple of years, the badgers have been changing their bedding leaving it out to dry. All along the path pigeons explode into the air marking our progress. Our fields are dry, but not as burned and arid as those leading up to the hill.

We cross the river again, through the farmyard and head home. Along the river there are fish surfacing and a slow current. It joins the main river which is slow and choked with duck-weed. A few swans are moving upstream.

Back through the cattle field and the view reminds me of a savannah, small and fringed with green hedges.

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