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Day 458

Sometimes . . . . .

I had a lady referred to me with a nasty mouth cancer, she was about my age with an 18 year old son. I met with her a couple of times, she was struggling and speaking was difficult but at the second meeting I detected a glimmer of trust. This tiny family were estranged from other family members, had few friends and quite geographically isolated.

Last weekend I had a message from the son to say he had returned from work to find his mother dead. I cannot imagine how this must have been.

I have been to see him and started the process of getting him some ID so that he can get a bank account and then access benefits. The hospice chaplain is supporting him with the practicalities of his mother's death, the funeral etc.

He is delightful and articulate, admitted to the loneliness of an empty house and a future of being alone.

I am finding it really difficult, it has taken me back to my cancer journey when my son was 17 and just what might have been.

I can only imagine what it must be like for this young lad. My heart aches.

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