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Day 646

Spending my life Waiting

So I sit here, waiting full of anticipation and nervous excitement. Im waiting to go and see V. It will only be a few short hours today. Then the waiting will continue until next weekend. Sometimes I wish we could see more of each other, but with work, kids and other stuff going on at the moment it means a lot of patient waiting. And counting the days and hours until we see each other again. It works for us both, and in time I hope the waiting gets easier, but for now I will sit with nerbous anticipation until our next meeting.

Work is steadily getting worse day by day. Peoples spirits are being crushed and worn down with the daily grind. But still we are ploughing ahead, waiting for the next big but unhappy announcement. My course is going great and am nearly finished the first module, a little behind schedule but I will catch up.

Sending lots of love, big hug and big kisses to you all. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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