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Day 156

Start Dancing And I'll Blow Your Brains Out.

Isn't it tiring when life seems to put you up on the spot?

You cannot be yourself in this world if you are different, otherwise you are mocked. I do so anyway; I care not for the thoughts of others.
You cannot stand for what you believe in if it is different to the norm, otherwise you are cast out from the herd. I do so anyhow; I prefer being on my own than being a simple follower.
You cannot speak out what is inside of your head if it doesn't agree with everyone else on the planet (does a thought as such even exist?), otherwise you are shunned. I do so anyway; I will never apologize for being myself.

Scream, shout, jump, fly, dance... Never conform!

Never fear of being shot for being free.

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  • Tammie Tammie
    16 months ago

    Good for you, I'm finding a lot of people feel this way lately. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being different. Embrace and enjoy it, being "normal" is boring. Shake things up and show the world the real you. Xxx

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