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Day 56

I'll try not to log in to social media, and spend the entire day doing better things for myself. Like reading, or drawing. Maybe journaling. I hope it helps.

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  • Whats Next Whats Next
    40 months ago

    Great plan. Maybe I'll join you

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  • SpreadZero SpreadZero
    40 months ago

    Here's what I have done recently because Social Media is now the leading cause of stress.

    1. Remove/unfollow all political, advertisement, news, groups, etc on Facebook. Do whatever you can to bring your Facebook page back to seeing only things friends and family post. Unfollow everything and everyone if you have to. When a friend posts a political post, I unfollow the political site within their post.

    2. I "CHECK" Facebook now instead of actively participating in the sharing of memes, etc. I rarely post anything anymore because the privacy it allows is a greater benefit to me. I try to limit my social media time to 10-15mins at a time. If I feel like posting anything, I place the highest scrutiny on what I post these days.

    3. I now enjoy seeing only what friends and family are doing and the occasional hilarious memes. The rest of it was a waste of my time and stressing me out way too much.

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