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Day 55

Still feeling the sting of replacement

I’ve been doing really well lately. I went out for a girls’ night for diner and Captain Marvel. I had a blast and felt really good about moving on, feeling more free than I have in ages. Life is looking up.

Then tonight someone posted that he’s going to be visiting the east coast soon. The comments proved multiple stops which means he’s in touch with multiple friends. Still silence for me. Unless some miracle had occurred in the last six weeks he can’t see well enough to travel on his own. That probably means my replacement is traveling with him.

We had plans to go back east in September. He’s got friends back there he wanted to introduce me to and he was going to meet my brother and his family. Same trip, different girl.

I keep going through the mantra of he can’t be what I want from a man, he’s not able to make me happy, I’m better off finding someone who is, things happen for a reason, he’s not the man he was before the crash, and on and on and on.

It still feels like a punch in the gut that he’s with someone else.

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