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Day 629

Still here.

Although Ive been a little quiet of late, and not written much, Im still here.

Most evenings, I am totally wrecked from work, and can barely see straight. Work wise things have come to a head. Management know we're not happy, and are trying to take steps to rectify things. Im not sure if it will come to anything, but there is always hope. And although, I may not be there for much longer, I want to leave the place knowing I have helped make a change for the better, even if its just a small change. Maybe that seems daft to some, but I would be happuer knowing that the ones who are left there are happier in their work place.

As the start date for my course draws closer, I find myself nervous and excited about it. The chance to learn new things and challenge my self is thrilling. Its going to be a good thing, and i must remeber to take things at my own pace.

I hope everyone is happy and keeping well. Sending lots of love, big hugs and big kisses to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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