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Day 4


I'm not sure what impression you've gotten of me from my former posts.
That i'm angry, maybe. Wounded. Hurting. All of that is true. I am.
And today the hurt is palpable.

Today i learned that my mother has 'banned' my daughter from repeating the things she says about me, to me.
Apparantly i don't have the right to know that my mother has been talking shit about me, behind my back, to my daughter, bitching about me 'being a bad influence', saying that i'm...irresponsible. That i'm the one 'making' my daughter yell and scream and play my mother up.
I'm also, apparantly, such an powerful person that i implant ideas in my daughters head, that i coerce her to like the games, music and everything else she likes. She doesn't have a personality of her own. No. She's a mini-me.

*Cue major teary eye-roll*

I'm so sick of being blamed for every flaw my daughter has. So tired of being painted like a heinous human being when all i try to do is make everyone, including my toxic mother happy.

Today i have a heavy pain in my chest that won't go away. Why does my mother hate me so much? What did i ever do...

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  • RavDiablo RavDiablo
    12 months ago

    I think that whatever your mother says about you says more about your mother than about you. Your daughter spends time with you, she knows the truth of who you are. Continue being the best parent you can be, and don't bother with whatever lies and distortions your mother tries to plant in her head; she'll figure out the truth for herself.

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