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Day 749

Student digs

Apple and I have come up to see Sunny. He’s moved into a dinky little house with 5 other guys. He loves his house and room. I brought quite a bit of stuff with me to make it more comfortable. I’m happy he cares and wants it to look good. The very opposite of Owl who does nothing to make his room look cheerful. .

Sunny is loving life and his friends. He's keen on a girl called Molly. All the boys in the house were snuggly in the little sitting room playing FEFA. They weren’t talking and some had their suppers on their laps. The kitchen could do with a clean and tidy. Sunny has only done one wash since term started in September. Empty loo rolls scattered the window sill but not a full loo roll in sight. Sunny said the estate agent checks the state of the house once a month. No bad thing. Also, there is a hedgehog living in the garden (grass patch) which they all love. Sunny has the most amazing music system in his bedroom. He dreams of being a DJ.

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