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Day 26

Student life.

I think student life is the best life. Living on pasta meals, grabbing a coffee with friends, sitting around reading, playing games and drinking with the gang. It's the best life.

I've been going to motorbike show rooms these last few days to test ride a few bikes and talk to the dealers. These are my kind of people. I've decided what bike I'm getting now. 110% certain of it. (Pic above)

I'm a strong believer that everyone should ride a motorbike before being allowed to drive a car. You become so much more aware of other drivers and the dangers on the road. It makes you a better, safer, confident person on the road. (First thing I do when I take over the world).

I hope you are having a good day. I hope work is going well and I hope chippy is being a good boy.

When I get my bike, I might swing by your work to show you and we can go on a ride around the car park, like the old days.


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