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Day 520


Went to a dermatological clinic where Beloved did not have his moles removed. They will be monitored instead. He has one on the palm of his hand so we were dreading the pain of having it removed.

Owl and Sunny are having intensive and expensive driving lessons. Owl has his test on Monday. Would like Sunny to take his test before the year is out. We could have two more drivers on the road soon.

Ma had her ears syringed but sadly she still could not hear any better. We’ll have to investigate hearing aids.

We had a power cut and as a result we all fell asleep " every singe one of us!

Took Ma for a walk in a beautiful garden. She was very wobbly at first but got stronger the longer we were out. We have to do more of this. I must get her stronger before the winter sets in.

Because of the power cut we went to Prezzo for supper. Ma was hungrier than she’s been in ages: she had a pizza and half a salad. Good. Must have been the walk

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