Day 8

Subtle pain

I was in relationship with the person whom i considered my everything. i met her in the lowest point of my life before 2 years. she was the best thing that ever happened to me. i like being alone but not lonely.i always need atleast one person by my side, and she was by my side and i thought we are going to be together for life.but a twist happened and her parents wanted to get her married. they started looking for guys and fortunately/unfortunately the first guy who came for marriage, came out to be a good one and her parents settled for it. it was a hidden relationship and our parents werent fine with it.but when a guy approached my ex for marriage, the last thing i expected her was to voice out and fight for me, but no. she just went with the flow and got engaged with him. its her marriage the next month.on my friends birthday and idk how to react.It still hurts when someone comments bad on her,even after what she did to me.Was i that worthless? she didnt even fight for me or even voiced anything regarding our relationship.

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