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Day 480

Suicide attempt

Ma attempted to kill herself today for the second time. She took more than 30 50mg tablets of Tramadol.

I went to see her at mid day. She often says how very tired she is in the morning and how she could have gone back to bed so I thought she'd appreciate a lie in. She said she still felt very tired, so I suggested she sleep for another hour. I went to see her at around 1.15. She was sweating, glassy eyed, very confused, she looked terrified, there was a tear in her eye and she had been sick. I asked her what had happened. She admitted to taking the Tramadol. I asked her what she wanted me to do. She whispered, ‘I don’t know.’ She looked very frightened and sad. I called 999 and the ambulance came and took her to hospital. She is still there now. She never lost consciousness, she always looked scared and she said nothing but simply whispered short words in answer to questions. I hope she will forget the nightmare of today.

Buddy arrived an hour after we got to hospital and James shortly after him. I was glad they were there.

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