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Day 738


Delicious lie in. I love sleeping; curling up in my warm bed, my whole body slumped in deep dark slumber.

Went to the gym first thing, to get it out of the way. Danced in the shower on return. Went with Apple and Peachy to a local folk fair and bought my first three Christmas presents of the year.

I spoke to Buddy. Gave him an earful about James. He was amused that we both had entirely different interpretations of his latest visit. James said that I had kept away and been unfriendly. I told Buddy that James had left me mid conversation and disappeared to talk to Ma alone. I can’t forget his words, ‘I am coming to see my mother, not you.’ And it feels like that every time he calls.

I walked with Ma gently round the garden. I spoke at length to Owl who is reassessing his ideas about how he wants to spend his life. Glad he is moving away from the thought of being an academic researcher. He wants to do something more interesting, something that will embrace life more fully. He is thinking about writing. He loves reading and writing!! Made me happy.

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