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Day 72

Sunny day, fun day.

Got up at 7, I had actually given up the ghost at that stage after being awake most of the night. But felt well rested.

After doing the usual clean up, we decided to take the kids up to some lakes fir a walk. It was nice, very green, and we saw 7 deer. I was delighted to see so many. We dont usually see any there. Kids were delighted to get out of the house for a few hours. I prefur autumn up there, when there are so many colours in the trees and on the ground, a brisk breeze cutting through the valley, stinging your eyes.

So anyway after a few hours it was back home and out to the garden to plant sone flowers. I really need to sort out and get the garden organised so I have a bit of colour all year round. The kids went off to play in a friends pool. They should be back shortly, giddy and giggling as they tumble through the door.

Hope you have all had a great day. Sending lot's of love, big hugs, and big kisses to all. Lets hope we all get a good nights sleep.XXXXXX

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  • Lydia Lydia
    57 months ago

    Yes I don't seem to be sleeping too well at the moment, too warm, humid, maybe tonight will get at least 5 hours hope you do too TAmmie

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  • Scarlett Scarlett
    57 months ago

    I had gone to sleep on top of the bed and woke up m, still on top of the bed but had pinched the covers off Mr s haha. I was like a little sausage roll, luckily he saw the funny side :) sounds like a lovely day xxx

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