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Day 523


Ma she told me how she feels especially fond of Sunny. 'He’s special,' she said.' He’s so spontaneous.' He was the only one of the children to kiss her when we returned from Mexico. She was touched. She said she knew he would go far, he’s so easy to get along with. She always says that. She kept telling us before how he has real know how (she uses the Brazilian word 'jeito').

I find this difficult to listen to. Not that I don’t agree with her. I think he is very lovely. It’s just that I think that the others are lovely too. Owl is much more reserved, but he is no less caring. He was the one who looked after her for three days on his own in April. I won’t ever forget that. He is the one I can rely upon to make sure that she has her meals, she watches the TV programs she wants to when I am away. Sunny would do it too, but Owl takes on the responsibility. I guess it’s all about responsibility for Owl, as he’s the eldest, and for Sunny the care he shows comes from his naturally warm character.

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