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Day 524

Sunny’s 18th birthday

I remember that day like it was yesterday: all day waiting after the epidural kicked in. Finally he turned up late afternoon. He was and is utterly beautiful. Poor dearest Ma came to the hospital all by herself. Dad was in Italy with the love of his life. Deeply unkind of him to leave Ma at such a time.

To celebrate we went to see The Importance of Being Ernest. I had been worried that the boys would be bored. But they were completely engrossed! It was like a ballet of words: so precise, fast, clear and perfectly timed. It couldn’t have been better. It pulled at rebellion, homosexuality, passion and hunger in a way that would never have been so overt at the time it was written, and it made us laugh. Brilliant.

Then we went to Zedels, recommended by Owl. A perfect recommendation. French brasserie but not into French cuisine so the sizes were not too small.

Ma came with us, just as on his birth day. She bravely walked everywhere. She held onto my arm and her strides were long.
Returning, I tried to rush her across the road which was a mistake. She tripped... not hurt.

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