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Day 255

Take a leap of faith with me

This morning started with waking up in the morning heat, sunshine pouring over my body.

I got ready so quickly, the anticipation and excitement making my ribcage shake!

The boat ride started off slowly, music flowing softly as the sea flowed by us, spraying, cooling us down. A man sat on top of the boat with binoculars, spying the surfaces for any organic movement.

Nothing for 2 hours. The boat stopped and allowed us to have a drink, when my dad decided to jump off the boat. He loves jumping off things. Normally I do too, bit with the damage in my hair, it doesn't like water much. Luke wanted to jump in too, and everybody else convinced me.

Standing on top of the deck, it seemed a long way down. In the middle of the damn sea. It felt so free with the freshest air blowing through my hair.

1...2...3! Everybody yelled.

A moment in suspension, then I held my nose and looked up into the sun as I defended. The water took the breath right from my lungs, the cool washing, rushing over my body. When I rose to the surface I screamed! Then the dolphins appeared and I swam with them. They're amazing!

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