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Day 262

Taking time and taking care

Last night was hell. Woke up choking in stomach acid and a coughing fit. Had a vomiting episode after another and ended up going to sleep at 4 am.
The funniest thing was that I contemplated going to work until 3 am when I decided that 2.5 hours sleep would not see me through 5 hours of teaching and 2 of meetings.
It was a tough decision as it's hard for me to miss work. It was necessary and I feel so much better for it.
Last week was a tough one, so busy in fact that I had no time for anything other than work and I ended up being really tired and grumpy on Friday.
I learnt a few things along the week:
I need to write everyday.
I need to manage my time better and leave work sooner.
I have to say no to some at times.
I have to stop checking my work mail at 7 pm.
I have to exercise daily.
I need to find time for myself daily.
When I don't do these things I feel unhappy, grumpy and out of my centre.
The good thing is that I've realised this very quickly, also good is that I know what the solution is. I'm back

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  • White Dog White Dog
    28 months ago

    Oh dear, the horror of gastric reflux.
    I used to suffer from it regularly. I now realise that:
    I have to be careful what I eat,
    I cannot eat too late,
    I cannot drink alcohol,
    I must not drink too much fluid with a late meal.

    Know thyself! X

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    28 months ago

    I'd take it a step further with me WD and say that my reaction besides reflux was literally my physical need to empt myself of all the things I held in last week. It is not the first time that happens to me to vomit when I have ha enough something...

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  • Tammie Tammie
    28 months ago

    Ooohhhh that sounds horrible. At least you know what you beed to do. And yes we all need to take time for ourselves and take care of ourselves, something Im trying to teach myself to do. Xxx

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