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Day 592

Talking it through

I told Ma I was extremely grateful she was with me. So glad that she didn’t die this year. She made it through. We have reached a place of peace and acceptance. I thanked her for making the effort to get there. She said she had no choice and she understood me too, that it is not easy to have her living with us. She knows her most important person to win over is Beloved. She is careful with him. She is grateful to him. I told her I was sorry he was so difficult for her. I understood and wished that it was easier. We are more together now. Thank goodness. I told her I was sorry I was so bossy. She said that she knew I was doing the best for her and that I was right. I am extremely grateful for her words and understanding.

And this evening we had a family therapy session. Interesting. I liked the therapist although I thought he was rather too taken with Beloved. It was a like a male bonding session. He couldn’t help but delve further into him, swap anecdotes, draw him out…. What about Apple?!! I found this irritating.

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