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Day 483


I organised Ma’s pills for her for the next 5 weeks. I was told to do this by the phsychiatrist. It made Ma angry. I explained that the phsychiatrist thought that Ma could not be relied upon because she had taken an overdose. Ma could no longer be held responsible for herself. I was in tears as I saidthis because Ma was being very scathing of me because she was angry. She said she was sorry. I said that I had no idea what she was doing taking that over dose and that I felt that she didn’t either. She was clearly fed up, but it would have been better if she had talked to me. I’m there to help her, in any way I can. She very nearly cried herself. Poor Ma. I told her that I understood that this was all hell for her, but that it could be a lot worse. I told her how sorry I was.

From then on the day was calm. She read. I took Apple to his English tutor. Went for a walk later. Peachy worked all day alone in her room. She and Apple sniped at each other over supper.

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