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Day 389

Tears, love and progress

My son & I met my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew last night. The two of us agreed to keep it a secret from my daughter. I was a little surprised when he told his sister this morning, but found out that he thought I'd told her first.

Had a few tears when everyone arrived. Embarassed that they needed to come but pleased that they were willing and able to help. I didn't think that we'd manage to get everything done over the weekend, but we got all the big things done today plus some extra stuff. Only small things to be done tomorrow...

At least that was the plan until my brother-in-law said that he & my sister wanted to buy my son a bed for his room, as the base of the bed in there didn't look great. Bed shopping trip planned for the morning.

I was wiped from fighting the cold; the work and the emotions of packing up some of my wife's things from that room, so I didn't go out with my brother-in-law as planned.

A productive day today. Hopefully another one tomorrow.

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