Day 7


My husband finds it hard to relate to our kids. He interacts minimally with them and will blow up at them unreasonably. I'm tired of being the 'human shield' and peacemaker. He doesn't seem to be able to understand how what he says and does impacts them. Hurts them and me and drives a wedge. Of course they avoid him somewhat because he's unpredictable some of the time.
My daughter has had a few sessions with a psychologist and spoken about her relationship with her dad. The a psychologist suggested he may have mild aspergers as he also has other traits linked to this.
I'm so tense now as I feel things have gone far enough and the kids are upset repeatedly. I think I need to speak to him and talk about him getting some support. He might not agree as he minimises much of the distress I talk about..this can also be a characteristic of aspects in terms of difficulty with empathy. It's like he has a gap. The kids are good. They're undemanding and compliant and don t understand their dad's reactions.

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