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Day 574

Terrible teenagers

I have two bad children at home who hate each other and are rude to me. Every morning Peachy is spitting venom at Apple because she wants to get to school in good time before lessons so she can have a chat with her friends. He doesn’t want to get out of bed any earlier than he has to so that she can do this. He takes his time getting ready and she is almost in tears as we leave. We get there 10 minutes early and she is in no hurry to get out of the warm car. She wants to be able to drive so that she can drive herself to school by herself. This is not okay with me and I’m not going to finance such a luxury. They have to work out a modus operandi between them.

On the other hand Apple pees around the loo and doesn’t clean it up. He leaves his dirty crockery in his room or on top of the dishwasher. He never puts it away. He never turns off the light in his bedroom or bathroom. And he leaves his homework until last, after he’s played his games and chatted withfriends.

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  • Bettedavis Bettedavis
    5 months ago

    Yes that's teenagers for you
    I had 3 , different problems with each 1

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