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Day 95

Thank You Honeybun

Honeybun appreciation post! Last night he took one look at me, noticed I was an anxiety-ridden wreckage (I thought I was hiding it well...) and commanded me to go to sleep early. I had a long list of things that needed to be done, but he took it from me.

Today he is going to pick up the keys to our new place! He'll also be signing the paperwork for a storage unit, renting a UHaul, and moving things to the new place and storage today. I get to leave two hours early from work today to help, but he's told me I'm not allowed to do anything but unpack our toiletries and kitchen stuff.

He even woke up early and made a huge breakfast for me this morning - which he then forced me to eat - because he found out I hadn't given myself time to eat in over two days. I got an earful for that one, but I deserved it. My anxiety gets the better of me sometimes.

Thanks to Honeybun for being my counter-balance.

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