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Day 7

That time of the month...

Today, i'm going to the Autism Womens Group i regularly attend every month.

Honestly, this group's a lifesaver. Not only does it get me out of the house, being social, but before i started going i'd never met anyone who was autistic so i felt really alone after my diagnosis.
But since meeting them, my world has opened. These are my people. My women.

And what beautiful women.
There's Felicity with her multiple cats, who does steampunk fetivals with her family.
Selina and Marion, a mother/daughter autistic duo. Marion's involved with the arts, pushing forward works by autistic people. Selina's a mum of an autistic daughter, who inspires me in the way she is just succeeding at life.

There's Anna and Kirsty, the girls who fell in love at the group. Anna works in the music industry, kirsty does charity swims.

And finally there's Elspeth. She gives everyone hugs at the end to say goodbye and loves to draw and sketch.

Yeah, i love this group. Each month we all talk about things we've done, we're going through and the women give each other advice and encouragement while sipping tea or coffee.
These women show me another side to the autism my mother despises so much.

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