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Day 518

That's crazy talk... all night long....

Last night I went out with a women with whom I've been friendly (but not interested) for the past, I would say, 15 years. I had a spare ticket to a show and she was free, so she snapped it up. She's profoundly smart (speaks several languages, has a PhD) and very talented (plays guitar & ukulele) and was once married and has a 17 year old kid.....

.... but the years have ground her down. She's been in and out of different jobs, landed in high school teaching, and has been stable but miserable ever since.

We met before for a drink at a wine bar; she doesn't drink wine or beer, and because they didn't serve cocktails, she drank nothing. We chatted, but I found it hard to keep her ideas straight: she darted from question to answer, zigzagging around different subjects. It was tiresome.

At some point, she told me she realized that she wasn't go to "make it" in NYC and would be moving back to the midwest where she was from. I understood.

Later that night I was heading home and decided to get a falafel at a Halal cart. She held it out and said "$8."

####### crazy....

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