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Day 392

The 12 Labors of RavDiablo.... it's going to _____ me...

I've got lots to do on this house, but some has to be done asap, for insurance purposes as well as to have everything ready for the new tenant.

But the labor is hard....

Today it was clean out the debris from a closet that had to be taken out. Because this is an old house that was basically a "cob job," which is the slang we use to describe just generally cruddy construction work. This includes using way too much material (4 x 4s for a closet?), the wrong type of materials (steel rods to in a clothes closet?) or just doing a crappy job of it (misaligned doors, etc.)

So today it was pulling lots of assorted nails and screws out of this cruddy wood, which you have to do if you want to reuse it or toss it out (because everyone loves stepping on a nail, right?)

But then there were holes in the walls and ceiling to fill, and that means getting on a ladder and spreading mud, which is what I could do easily 20 years ago, but which is really hard now.

And there's plenty more to go: medicine cabinet to hang tomorrow....

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