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Day 54

The beginning of the end (of the year...)

Well, I made it to December (at least, it's less than 2 hours away) and it's time to start reflecting. I mean, why wait 30 days? Let's get this going....

January I was in love, or at least I thought I was in love, and maybe even the person who said I was her "one true love." February I swept her away to the Barcelona for her 50th birthday. We walked among the architecture of Gaudi, ate wonderful tapas, and were happy.....

Then there was April and she blew a hole in our relationship. I was in a far off corner of the world and needed to speak to her for a few minutes of comfort and support. But instead of stepping up, she abandoned me. Lame apology, no resolution...

And it was all downhill from there: we spent the summer together, traveled to see her family, and things spiraled out of control. I realized there was no future in our relationship.

So I broke it off in early September. We limped along for a few weeks, but it was over.

Now it's December, and I'm pretty damned happy and satisfied. I've got a good prospect, work is great and my kids are wonderful.

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