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Day 351

The Best of Both Worlds? Two Women in One....

I was immediately attracted to New-Ex from the get go: a little Asian woman with large breasts, tight butt, and a cute face, long dark hair, a warm, full lips. I couldn't never keep my hands off of her.

And although she could be warm and friendly when we were with friends, in private she could be awful. She complained endlessly about growing old, or that her breasts were sagging, or her butt was too small. She also had a horrible temper and had a knack for finding the smallest things about which to be suspicious.

Bubbles, on the other hand, has a fantastic personality: she is funny and badass, works hard to improve her community, and I can talk to her for hours. We crack jokes, make snide comments about what's going on in the world, and while we have very intense and deeply heartfelt discussions, I've never felt judged or slighted by her.

Bubbles is also a great looking woman, but in a different way. It's not that I'm only attracted to Asian women, but that when you've been together with someone for 2 1/2 years, switching to a new look takes some time.

It's tough work, and she's worth it....

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