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Day 21

The end of my weekend

Long weekends thanks to being useless at booking my holidays at work.

So it has been a kind of constructive day.

I managed to finish working my way through the IT workbook, nice to get Powerpoint out of the way. I have used it so much that its easy to get my head around all the little quirks. Excel next once I've passed the test on Wednesday, yippee. Yeah I know I'm weird.

Spent 20mins taking time out to do yoga and feeling that stillness return as I twisted into the poses. That's the strange thing about yoga, your body is screaming about being stretched but your mind is still.

Fought with my new duvet and after getting it into the cover the wrong want around, eventually got it how it should be. Now looking forward to getting the new bed to go with the damn big duvet.

I'm also amazed at the arrival at the influx of new users thanks to the media and its so good for this community as well. Because I should think none of us would recommend this to our friends etc.

Work tomorrow, back to the workout.

Take care all and hello to the newbies.

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  • Anon de Plume Anon de Plume
    67 months ago

    I never recommend pencourage it my friends or aquaintances. Just in case they find themselves in my journal!! But I do go out of my way to recommend it to complete strangers who strike up a conversation.

    And I love new bed day - or when the bedding is just out of the wash and you slip into the cool, fresh sheets and sink into the slightly fluffier pillows.

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  • Hachiko Hachiko
    67 months ago

    Wow Z, what a packed day! It sounds lovely and you transmit all this feeling of calmness. I got some stuff done today but too tired to write a full entry so I think I will ctach up with yerterdays and todays later wen I wake up.
    Happy to read that things are falling into place and that you are working your way aroung MS Office! I still get intermittent thoughts of the douche ex boyfriend and it pisses me off but I am in a much better place right now. Good night Z, have a good day back at work tomorrow.x

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