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Day 595

The fine detail of our mornings.

After taking Apple for supper, James is now Apple’s keenest supporter. I wonder how he will be after taking Peachy next week. Last night James told me I was favouring Peachy by trying to get to school slightly earlier than the lessons started. Apple had told him that when we left with Sunny last year we never left at 8.10, always after 8.15. I explained that we didn’t leave at 8.10 these days. I told Apple we would leave at 8.10 so that he’d be ready by 8.15. We actually wait until 8.17 before we leave. James said I should play straight with him and tell him that we’ll leave at 8.17 and see what happens. I’ll do that tomorrow.

At 8.18 this morning I was pulling out of the drive when I saw Apple shambling towards the car, no hurry in his step. Peachy was almost weeping with hatred and frustration. We were not going to be late, just not comfortably on time. As he got in the car a spat ensued during which Peachy chucked water over Apple. I started shouting at Peachy in order to make sure Apple didn't feel obliged to respond in kind.

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