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Day 660

The Four Normal Hours of this Day....

I had the most "normal" 4 hours since I started treatment back at the end of June. It was 4 hours where I had no pains, no hot flashes, no sudden urge dragging me to the bathroom. It was just 4 normal hours of life.

I was at synagogue, singing, laughing, praying, listening to inspirational talk, and during that time, I lost track of my body's various ills. When I stood up, my knee didn't buckle, and when I moved, knees didn't creak.

But I didn't notice any of this until services were over. I walked down the steps into the sunshine, and I thought to myself, "that was a very good morning."

I did a little shopping, finished up a project, made plans to see TheNewGirl tonight, snacked on some nice food.

What was noticeable about it all was that it was so unnoticeable. It was life as it was meant to be lived, it was my life before starting treatment.

And if this goes on, it will be my life again. Welcome back to the world, welcome, welcome, welcome.... you've been missed.

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