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Day 278

The hairdresser

'Your boyfriend is on the line,' Beloved laughs down the phone. 'It's Ray.' 'Really!?' I have only been waiting three weeks for him to call. I had given up expecting him. I guessed I must have offended him somehow. Yes, he sounded pissed off. 'I got you message.This is clearly not working for you.'That's what people say when it's not working for them. I had cancelled my hair appointment twice because I had to. I had given three weeks' notice. He called me back the day before I was due to see him and spoke as though I had only just let him know. 'Call me on Monday. I'll try to fit you in.' 'Okay, I'll you a call on Monday.' So I am made to chase him all over again. I am too surprised to counter him. I tell Beloved my tale of woe and he tells me I must call him back and make it clear I gave three weeks' notice. Maybe he hadn't got my call. Make it clear I didn't want to upset him. So I did and he sort of relented. He was softer in his tone. I shall find out next week.

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