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Day 394

The House of Cob Jobs...

I don't know what they call it over there, but around the US and A, if you do some really cruddy carpentry, it's called a "cob job," as in "you cobbled something together.'

This house has cob job written all over it, and each day I work on it, I find more cob jobs that have been performed over the years. I could make an amazing website just highlighting all the idiotic carpentry that's been tried out on this place, but it would take too much effort and depress anyone looking at it.

Today I got to attack a closet which had a textbook shelf and pole arrangement. The best part was that the pole was so long that it had to be supported by bag ties so it wouldn't sag. That's pretty damned bad.

It got worse: after yanking out the shelves and pole, I noticed that the doorframe was "extended" by using a combination of "plastic" wood, the tops of the bi-fold doors that had been trimmed down, and some other random crap. It was all very amusing, especially because it was held together by tons of tiny little finishing nails that could be pulled out.

Onward I go!

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