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Day 19

The innocence of snoring

So he snores. Loudly. Given we have been together for a while, its good his snoring hasn't bothered me before. His exwife was awful to him about it and mode him so self-concious, as if he was only snoring to piss her off and in control of it.

The last 2 nights I have been restless and slept awfully. G thinks its because of his snoring. Poor guy. He has felt so awful that I havent been sleeping well that he wanted to go sleep on the couch. I wouldn't let him.

He had the kids last night so I slept on my own, and as frustrating as it was, I didnt sleep well. So he can rest easy, proof it's not him. I never sleep all that well without him anyway but I am glad that his snoring really isnt the issue.

He wants me to buy ear plugs for the nights we are together. How can I make him believe that I dont need them?! Anyone have any suggestions on how to ease his snorinig that he can try so he doesnt feel quite so self-concious about it? I just want him to be comfortable and at ease.

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  • Anonymous Anonymous
    86 months ago

    ummm you could try to roll him on his side...apparently I snore less when I'm on my side.

    If it really is bad, and you're in the UK the doc may be able to help...

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