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Day 484

The kids

Owl saved another drunk yesterday. The police kept Owl waiting for an hour and a half in the early hours of the morning. The guy looked homeless and had been beaten up. Owl had to drag him to the police station. Owl still struggles with his studies. He hopes to scrape through his exams.

Sunny is very relaxed now that he has accepted his unconditional offer. I have sparks of anger towards him when he doesn’t do what I ask him to. He never goes to bed when I ask him to, he eats too much, doesn’t take any exercise and keeps his room a smelly, messy pit. I look forward to him leaving home, which makes me feel guilty. He needs to mature.

Peachy is unfriendly: She never says good night, only appears for meals and is very sure of herself. She started her GCSEs today. She is wonderfully self-disciplined. She's thinking of becoming a pilot but it is extremely expensive so we will have to do our research.

Apple is more serious these days. He's applying himself and is ambitious. He’s decided he wants to follow the Computer Science route so he's working hard at Maths and Physics.

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