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Day 366

The last supper

This evening was good. I think James and Buddy and I made friends again. It’s our last evening all together. Tomorrow we will be at my home minus James. I’m actually very anxious. We have been in a bubble here and at home we will be plunged into family life. I wonder how on earth fragile Ma will fare. At least Buddy will be there as well to help support her during her first few days.

We had two estate agents come today and they both gave the same estimates. So our beautiful family home will be on sale before long. The end of an era, the end of a safe haven, Ma and Dad, the sea side, sea gulls, walks in the hills, long rainy days, the rustle of newspapers, polite meals in the dining room, pancakes and strawberry jam by the fire, the ghost of ages past,the whump of the glass doors, mirrors, candles, polished surfaces, flowers on the table, the grand father clock’s tick tock and hourly chime, the cloakroom, Pears soap,the lily pond, chestnut tree, roses, dark skies, Dr Who, The Clangers, The Magic Round About, Blue Peter, I and F. C. Dad. The end.

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